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[Comments] (8) : Well I had a great day today. I saw Napoleon Dynomite which I found v v v amusing, and the main guy reminded me a lot in ways of Leonard in high school. I also got an extra hole in my ear! Basically becuase mom has lots of cute single earrings that I want to wear, which I figure is as good a reason as any!

Poor mommy is feeling sicky.


Posted by John at Mon Oct 04 2004 13:53

The things women will do to themselves in the name of fashion still boggles the male brain.

Posted by Sumana at Mon Oct 04 2004 14:27

An extra hole?! In your ear?! Did it hurt? Of course it did, what am I thinking.

My parents had my ears pierced when I was too young to object (standard practice for young Indian girls, I think). I've let the holes close up. I guess US parents should be glad that it's standard for preteen girls to beg to get their ears pierced and not, I don't know, tattoos all over their faces.

On one level I'm glad that US men increasingly pluck their eyebrows and all that, because it decreases the difference in the amount of silly stuff men and women do for appearance's sake, so I can be less embarrassed on behalf of my gender. But, on the other hand, it increases the amount of silly behavior in the world total.

Maybe I should watch Napoleon Dynamite. You're one of many people who have enjoyed it and told me so...

Posted by Susie at Mon Oct 04 2004 19:10

Napolean Dynamite was a big hit with my in-laws too... if both sides of the family enjoyed it, it's a must-see.

Ear-piercing doesn't hurt so much. I am jealous that your holes are closed; I am always accidentally poking earrings into holes that have been trying to close for four years. Ouchie!

Posted by rachel at Mon Oct 04 2004 20:43

It hurt less than the belly-button ring. Which is not saying much. It hardly hurt at all, and I am a wuss.

*sigh* I am SUCH a slave to fashion... though really I would think it was more me wanting to wear my mother's earrings versus selling them at the yard sale to strangers for 5 cents a piece.

Posted by Alyson at Mon Oct 04 2004 20:49

Dave and I are still laughing about Napoleon Dynamite. AND it is has been showing at Liberty Hall (our "art house" theater) since the end of June. It continues to play . . .

Posted by Joe at Mon Oct 04 2004 21:19

The Wall Street Journal had N.D. in the Top 10 until this last weekend. I am glad that it was so successful.

Posted by Becca at Tue Oct 05 2004 15:21

You got your ear pierced? Your such a frickin' idiot.... gosh.

Posted by Chris at Wed Oct 06 2004 01:21

Just imagine if Napoleon actually had dynamite. Would he still Waterloo?

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