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[Comments] (3) Laaame: I went to a grad school fair at UCLA today. As the title suggests, it was lame. There was no history section, only law and medicine and crap like that. I just had to wander the general admissions section hoping to find a school I was interested in--I didn't. But there was a British Council booth where I found out some useful things and got a free stars and stripes/union jack flag pin, so I guess it was worth going.


Posted by John at Sat Oct 09 2004 04:23

Maybe it's a sign. Did you ever consider being a doctor?

Posted by Susie at Sat Oct 09 2004 22:56

Worth going to LA for a flag? hmm.

Posted by rachel at Sat Oct 09 2004 23:59

1. no

2. I actually went to LA to work.

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