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[Comments] (3) Mladonovatz, Posheravatz, Palanka, Lazarovatz, Valjevo : I think what I'll do for gibberish improv games, since I am so terrible at gibberish, is just memorise a bunch of Serbian town names and say them over again.


Posted by Susie at Wed Oct 13 2004 01:30

John wants to know if we have to go watch you over Thanksgiving; I want to know if we get to.

Posted by John at Wed Oct 13 2004 02:29

I said it that way because the ones I've been to were generally quite crude in nature. I can handle it more than Susie can, so I was looking out for my sweet baboo. It has nothing to do with being a nonsupportive in-law or anything. Susie sometimes likes to get me into trouble.

Posted by rachel at Wed Oct 13 2004 03:17

I think I will be in SF over thanksgiving.

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