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[Comments] (6) Laundry: I think it's funny that I do laundry much less often now that I live with a washing machine a dryer than I ever did before. When I was coming home once every week or two I did laundry every chance I got; I mived home a month ago and today was the first time I've done it since then.


Posted by Molly at Mon Oct 18 2004 06:49

First time you have done laundry in a month!!! You need to help your mom more.Be an adult.

Posted by rachel at Mon Oct 18 2004 14:00

Thank you, molly. I'm sure the fact that I have gone a month without doing laundry is a sure indication that I am a complete slacker and do absolutely nothing for my mom--who is helpless and cannot lift a finger--and that I am an immature child.

If you're so concerned than my mom isn't getting enough help, why don't you talk to her yourself? (Or better yet--move in so you can help out around the house and with money, as I have done?) She'd have a much better idea of what's going on than my weblog, which I don't even post in everyday! And I'm certainly not going to make up a daily list of everything I've done for my mom so that people who business it's not can check up on me. I don't even know who you are, and I think it's incredibly un-adult like of you to come on my weblog and post baseless accusations

Posted by Molly at Mon Oct 18 2004 14:25

I stand corrected.Forgive me.

Posted by Susie at Mon Oct 18 2004 18:19

I think I would do a ton more laundry if I lived at home, because you don't think about how much you're paying for it. I hate to do laundry when I really just need a few things washed so I put it off and off. I remember the days when I first started doing my own laundry (how old were we, eight?) I would wear a pair of jeans just once and wash them.

Posted by Kristen at Tue Oct 19 2004 19:45

How come randoms don't read my weblog or post comments on my posts? I guess my life is not exciting enough. (wipes away tear)

Posted by Rachel at Tue Oct 19 2004 21:42

Kristen, you are welcome to have my randoms.

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