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[Comments] (1) History Nerd: It's raining. I love the rain.

The only thing more fitting would be snow, as I've spent most of today (mentally) retreating from Serbia through the Albanian Alps to the Adriatic, which is quite a depressing thing to do, especially while listening to Tchaikovsky’s Romeo and Juliet. “Ticklish work leading a pony on a dark night down a narrowing path, with a high cliff on one side, and nothing but a dark abyss on the other, with a rushing river far below.” Only one member of the Scottish Women’s Hospitals died on the retreat, but the Serbs were not so lucky; they lost 23,000.


Posted by Susie at Wed Oct 20 2004 22:50

That quote reminds me of "The Horse and His Boy" and also in the Fellowship of the Ring when Sam leads Bill to Moria.

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