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[Comments] (2) : The henna was uncomfortable to sleep in and a pain to wash out, but now my hair is V Red.

I drove to LA enjoying the whole time because I was listening to Angela's Ashes, despite the fact that the book is very sad, it was much better than being caught up in when I was going to get 'there.' Now I am in exile with a sandwich at my library carrell becuase the power was out at Dr Kanner's house. For some reason I am really hungry today! I didn't each much for the last few days so maybe it has built up?


Posted by Pooooooca at Wed Oct 27 2004 22:47

Yay Ginny! :o)

Posted by Alyson at Thu Oct 28 2004 02:18

My appteite comes at me with a vengance, too, when I skip meals. Weird.

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