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[Comments] (4) My life as a research assistant: A while ago while using the wonderful research tool of Google, my colleague and I stumbled across a “new” book mentioning the work of K Hodges, one of our subjects. Since her diary is unpublished, this is rather usual and of course we wanted to have a look at this book. UCLA library didn’t have it, so they next step is ILL and photocopying. But a good rule of thumb is, if it was published even slightly recently, even if it’s OUP, there’s a chance one can find it used online for $20 or $30—then it’s better to just buy it instead of photocopying, binding, and spending the payroll time doing it (photocopying a book always takes at least an hour, and it is such a pain). So we bought this book and it arrived and it’s sitting on the desk and I’m thinking, “Gee that book looks familiar”—because the library may not own it but we do; I’ve seen it lurking around the Carrel. Opps. Fortunately, the total cost of this book was about $6, including shipping.

Also: will I ever learn how to spell soildersoldier?


Posted by Susie at Mon Nov 08 2004 23:06

Hehe, that is something I would do. I have subscribed to the same newsletter twice. Also, since working here I've learned how to spell pomegranate (from scanning labels), Phoenix (from travel itineraries) and nutraceutical (from placing ads) but I still can't spell "ie" words.

Posted by Rachel at Mon Nov 08 2004 23:09

I learned how to spell "Phoenix" a long time ago :o)

But I still get the British/American spellings mixed up, and use one or the other inconsistently.

Posted by Becca at Tue Nov 09 2004 05:18

Look at the little meter climb!

Posted by Susie at Tue Nov 09 2004 16:13

Goooooooo Meter!

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