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[Comments] (7) Meh: I suck. Need encouragement. Please respond.


Posted by Chris at Wed Nov 10 2004 00:07

You want encouragement? How about this: I won't read the Harry Potter books but I am dying to read your book. So write that I and others alike might sup off of the deliciousness of your story.

Posted by Becca at Wed Nov 10 2004 00:28

What he said! Rachel, you have to keep going. If you get stuck, just do what I'm doing. Poll your future readers for what they want to read! It works great! And don't forget about the candy!

Oh, and even though Chris won't read the HP books, he made a quality reference to Fred and George that I was too sick and my head was too fuzzy to get. You would have been proud of him. I thought he was talking about Flintstone and Jetson. Silly me.

Posted by Frances at Wed Nov 10 2004 02:41

Was it Hemingway who said to write you sit down at the keyboard and open a vein? It's hard, but you can do hard things. TTT.

Posted by Sumana at Wed Nov 10 2004 03:58

Get to it! You know what you have to do and once you do it you'll be proud of it.

Posted by Susie at Thu Nov 11 2004 00:49

Oh please. I don't have any sucky sisters.

Posted by Julie at Thu Nov 11 2004 01:36

What are you writing your book about?

Posted by Alyson at Fri Nov 12 2004 12:59

Rachel, you are doing something few people have the guts to do; no wonder you feel overwhelmed. Follow your dreams, and write!

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