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[Comments] (3) : Tonight I did sound at major league improv for the third time ever. This consists of interducing everybody and keeeping score (oh dear, maths) and announcing the score to everybody plus the ending. I have someone to help me with the music though, otherwise I should be overwhelmed as I am all so new at it. But I think I am doing a good job. Chuck, who is always referree, and Ilike to get into little wars which amuses the audience. Anyway, the more used to it I get the more fun it becomes.

Also, can anyone explain the phenominan (which anyone who has ever worked in a store will completely agree is so true) that while fifteen minutes will go by without a single customer needing help leaving you free to alphabatise to you hearts desire, all of a sudden ten people will want to check out all at once, using gift certificates and book clubs, which have to be tracked down in the master log and crossed off, and getting new book clubs that have to be recorded, or gift certificates which is just a pain, and writing checks, and joining the book club which means I have to add them right there, and wanting the complementary gift wrap and its enough to drive a person crazy! And somehow I always end up at the cash register with no credit card reader so I have to type it in by hand! But still, it's better than being non-busy and bored. And it's challenging, so I enjoy it.

Speaking of challenging, yes I am well aware that my word count hasn't moved in a while. I have written more so it's not quite as dismal as it seems.... we're all just waiting for me to make my big come-back. I hope no one was expecting me to actually pay attention to them over spring break.

PS: www.mugglenet.com reports a rumour of a June 2005 6th HP book release. Wouldn't that be exciting!!


Posted by John at Sun Nov 21 2004 04:56

As far as HP is concerned, I'll believe it when I see it.

Posted by Kristen at Mon Nov 22 2004 03:47

Is mugglenet.com reliable?

Posted by Rachel at Mon Nov 22 2004 04:47

they did say it was just a rumour...

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