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[Comments] (1) A novel question: Becca is going to post her novel online eventually. I might do the same, or select bits of it, but I don't know where I would do it as I don't want to overload La Vie En Rose with it and also I am scared people might steal my brilliant ideas. Is there anything like photobucket where you can keep a password and only hand it out to people you want to see your pictures for..text?


Posted by Sumana at Sun Nov 21 2004 16:40

Quite a few sites offer password-protected storage of text. I know of LiveJournal and Yahoo Groups. But my suggestion is: if you want certain people and only certain people to read it, use email. The Web is meant for sharing stuff with everybody; email is better for sharing stuff only with selected, trusted people.

Also: if you want, you could ask Leonard to upload the excerpts to the Crummy server and then you could just link to them from La Vie En Rose.

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