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[Comments] (2) In my weekly inpiration email from Chris Baty: Lastly, in the course of our negotiations, we've spoken extensively with your family, friends, and significant others. All of whom would like to pass on the fact that they have come away from these past three weeks deeply inspired by the can-do example you've been setting.

They would also like me to remind you that they will mock you mercilessly should you fall short of your 50,000-word goal this week. Your mother is especially looking forward to reminding you of your novel-writing shortcoming for the rest of your life.

*pant pant* After extensive counting I've figured out that I actually average above 250 words per compostiton book page, which is very good news. So I can do one page/ 15 minutes, and four pages or one hour equals one thousand words. This is a lot of math, but as long as I have four hours of writing every day left in November I should be fine. Considering I've given up pretty much all extra activities including IMing and research (which isn't really extra but it's only one week) I should be able to manage that. I'll just tell y'all (sorry, listening to Little Altars everywhere must have gotten to me) not to bother me too much this holiday. I figure have three other people in the car excepts me from driving on the way to SF :D so I'll just dope myself up on drammamine and write the entire way there.

I took my car in today. $560 to replace the radiator & other variousness. Got paid today. $194. Ho-ho-ho.


Posted by Becca at Tue Nov 23 2004 11:21

Go Rach go! And don't worry, everybody can mock me for not meeting the goal, because that never really was my goal. My goal was to start an on-going thing that can hopefully continue into the spring. And inspire others to follow in my awesome footsteps and write their own stories which are on-going. Which I've done. (Two people!) We'll see how many words I do have from the month (probably over Christmas when I'll have time to type them all) and see how far I made it. Maybe that'll be my next poll. "How far do you think Becca will get?"

Posted by Susie at Tue Nov 23 2004 22:37

Well, I drove all the way to the OC in the snow, and my windows fogged up, so that actually only leaves two people to drive (Mom and John).

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