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[Comments] (3) Hem Hem: Thanks to Fiona, another proud owner of the American apology shirt, for sending this link to an article about a speech Frank McCourt gave supporting Kerry: Said McCourt: "It confuses me. Thou shalt not kill a fetus, but they don't have anything to say about war. Thou shalt not kill a young man of 24. They don't say anything about that or thou shalt not kill thousands of Iraqis. That's all right."

A lot of people talked about moving to Canada if Bush were re-elected, and apparently some of them weren't joking. It's actually had the opposite effect on me, and I am now considering more strongly than ever staying in the US for grad school--at least my MA--so I am in a prime position to do all I can during the next election. Also on BBC is a collection of emails from non-Americans, and they seem to be as divided as we are. Reading over them, I see a lot of the same arguments. but considering the global media, I guess that's not really a surprise.

Now. It just so happens that I now have two jobs (my bookstore job is becoming more enjoyable, thanks for asking) and I am also attempting to write a novel in the month of November, in addition to juggling various activities and peoples who demand my attention. I have just spent over an hour writing out responses to the comments to the entry before last. The previous entry I have not even attempted yet (though I would suggest to Kristen that she watch Outfoxed). I realize that the beginning of this entry is political in nature and, if the last two posts are anything to judge by, will prompt a spew of comments that I will feel the need to respond to.

I would like to take this time to thank Sumana, Stacy, Mom, and "President Bush" who, since I generally agree with them, have saved the effort of saying certain things, and also brought up good points that have never occurred to me.

But, as much as I enjoy(ish) having my weblog function as my family & associates political forum, it is beginning to be a strain on my precious time resources. So could you please, please just do me a teensy favor: if you have something political to say, even if it's in response to something I say (as I know I won't be able to shut up) please just post it on your own weblog (if you don't have one, see Leonard). Agreeing with me is fine :o), or expanding on what I say, but if you want to start an arguement discussion, please do it elsewhere. At least for November. And I promise to come along and join the fray in a timely manner. Besides, there's no reason why I should get all the attention! And otherwise I'll spent all of my time at crummy, and all of you people who are clamouring to read my book will never get the chance. Thanks.


Posted by Joe at Sun Nov 07 2004 03:17

Good luck on your book.

I will respectfully comply with your request and await with bated breath the publication of your book.

Posted by John at Sun Nov 07 2004 03:55

You know, you could go to Europe and get a Masters and be back before the next election.

Posted by Susie at Sun Nov 07 2004 20:45

Oops, that was Susie, not John, who posted that last comment. I forgot to change the name on the top.


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