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[Comments] (1) No, not obsessed at all: July 16th is the big day! I was listening to HP5 audio on my way down to LA to get in le mood, but the only mood it got me in was depressive and tired (actually, it may have been more the traffic's fault. One hour spend on Sunset due to construction. I hope I remember to get off on Wilshire next time). Must listen to Pigwidgeon (iPod) to cheer & wake self up.

Off to Serbia once again. When I am finished with this summary I've got to do some sort of essay-ish thing so I can send it along with my grad school applications in Jan as an example of my brilliantosity.

Hopefully the comments work this time. I don't know why they didn't on that last entry; I checked the box a dozen times.

Blast, it's broken. Leonard, help!


Posted by Susie at Wed Dec 22 2004 23:30

*comment* Yay for HP!

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