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[Comments] (4) Happy day after Christmas: I spent the day reading Garrison Keillor's Homegrown Democrat and I came in 3rd in Scrabble. Leah, Shannon's new baby, is trres mignon. Everyone liked their presents from me, even Leonard who already had the book I gave him (but not signed by Wesley Clark!) and so it goes, another year.

The most surprising and exciting present was from Leonard--my very own book! that I have written! without even realising it! over the last two years! Yes, that's right my friends, La Vie En Rose is now available in non-serialised form. Whee.


Posted by Susie at Mon Dec 27 2004 05:08

We will miss you, but I hope you had a great Christmas and liked what we got you also.

Posted by John at Tue Dec 28 2004 17:47

You're in trouble for writing about your book before Susie opened hers! Na na

Posted by anonymous at Tue Dec 28 2004 18:37

Woe! I thought of that, too... afterwards. I bet susie was still surprised, though?

Posted by John at Tue Dec 28 2004 23:18

Oh you know Susie. She loves to guess presents ahead of time, shake them, etc so I think she had an idea, but wasn't sure. I think that's cheating, personally.

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