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[Comments] (4) : I am saving my emails, &c, which involves cutting and pasting into a word document... if only I weren't such a complusive, having to save everything; then maybe my hand wouldn't be cramped from hours of ctr+c and ctrl+v ing, and my eyes wouldn't be drooping, and my bed wouldnt be covered in magazine cuttings, so I could go to it.

Today's mental health day consisted of shopping at the Grove/ Farmer's Market with Christina, where I bought, amoung other things, cheese. Then I came home and did email and cut things from magazines and above all did not think. I even signed onto AIM for the first time in at least a week. I'll probably pay for today tomorrow, but I don't care! Bed time!

: I just finished loading down my hair with LUSH junk--Arabian Bright--and now Sneeki and I must go to TJs to try and avoid the midday rush. Oh well. If anyone comments, I'll just say I need to look my best for the oscars tonight!


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