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[Comments] (3) Ho-Hum. : I love spring break & not having to worry about school work. I am worried about school, though; cheacking URSA everyday for updates and fretting re: finding a thesis advisor, &c. I did buy my books online today at half.com. If you are a student & happen to be reading this, I reccomend checking half.com & sometimes amazon marketplace before buying the expensive books at school. I save loads every quarter. This quarter especially: I just got all three books I need for $72, as opposed to about $150+ I would have spent at the UCLA bookstore. It helps that I am buying books only for 2 classes: I already borrowed econ books from a friend the last time I took it, heh, and my thesis books will be in the library or ILLed. I haven't bought Thomas Moore's Utopia for my Fiat Lux (on the EU), but thats bc I dont know which edition & I want it to be the same for page numbers, &c, then hopefully I'll be able to get the used book store in Bakersfield where I have oodles of credit, and if not it's only $8! The other book for the Fiat Lux is on the history of Europe--I've got loads on that subject already, & I couldn't find it online, & it's not required anyway so I decided to skip it.

Somehow in my amazingly *cough* hectic weekend, I managed to lose my glasses. I don't understand how I could go through nearly two years of glasses ownership with no problems whatsoever, & then in the last 3 mos lose them TWICE. Fortunatley I (or rather, Dave) found them last time, so I have a spare for this time round. I'm pretty sure we have insurance so I can get them replaced for $40 or so if they don't turn up, but still! That's $40 which could be going towards something else--like a new computer or Europe--that I am paying for something I should not have lost in the first place! I need to be a more responsible belonging-owner.

AND, speaking of belongings and computers, sorry to disppoint all you PC & windows fans (the crowd is silent) but I have decided to go with a Mac. Aside from all of the logistics, &c, it just feels right, so I'm going with my insincts. Now I just have to look at the amount of my scholarship, finaid refund, &c & see if I can actually afford to buy it now, or if it will have to wait.

I bought a new folding super-neato tall bookshelf at Target on sale, so now I am re-arranging my belongs in my room. It's so nice to have ample bookshelf space (though it probably won't remain that way..). *sigh* I am happy.


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