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Status: Still alive. May get out of bed for more than 2 hours tomorrow. May.

Clean, but still sick: I spent all day cleaning. My bathroom and room are all now sparkling & organized. The bad news even though I'm feeling better my throat is sore again, in a different way. Its not fair to come down with something twice in a row!

Ah: I always thought sugar was scarce duirng war-time because, I don't know, maybe all the sugar mills were converted into munitions factories? But in this book (Auntie Mabel's War) I read that Britian had imported sugar from Germany! Go figure.

[Comments] (6) Rachel's Life: You decide!: Where should I go to school:

University College London, Birkbeck, King's College, or Queen Mary?

Ok, so I don't promise to go wherever gets the most votes. But still, indulge me.

(Sussex has been thrown out of the running because they haven't decided if they want me or not yet, and time is of the essense. Also, I figured out it's not that much cheaper to go there than it is to go to the cheapest university in London. So unless they send me a desperate letter saying they'll waive the fee, or something...)

[Comments] (1) : I wanted to get an icecream cone after Pilates calss but I didn't have my wallet, so I stopped by home to get money. I also fed JB, and got confused & took the long way there, the result being I got there just as they were closing. Am now very irritaed and ice cream-less. Grrrr.

Shuffle: Has anyone else noticed iTunes' annoying tendancy to play the same songs over & over again in party shuffle?

[Comments] (1) The good news: Have got more than 33,000 words of my novel typed (60 pages). I have been working on it a lot these past few days. Just need to finish typing, write 50,000 more words (approx.), edit it beyond recognition, and I'll be done! Hurrah!

Freud says I am assez absorbed in my Balkan studies: I just realized that when I was decorating the pages in my calendar, I put my Easter stickers on the week of Eastern Orthodox Easter.

[Comments] (3) Back at Camp YRL: Just had a lovely chat with Prof. Berend who gave me some good advice about choosing a grad school. Am now waiting for Pareesa to call me (PAREESA!) but I don't think she got my last facebook message. Woe. Maybe I'll go buy myself a treat in the North Campus Store, as in olden times, before going back to work.

Freud says...: You know you really need to wash your car when you start to dream about it.

[Comments] (2) Hmm: Dave the Laugh seems to be overheating more easily and more often than usual lately, and his little fan goes on more than I have ever known it to do so before. Perhaps he has a fever?

[Comments] (2) I'm such a bad momma: Maybe DtL is just upset because I missed his birthday. Woe! Happy birthday Dave! It has been a great year! Many more to come I hope!

: I had a fun weekend. On Saturday Becca & I drove down to LA to celebrate Chris' b-day. There were a ton of Bakersfield people (well, also Natalie and Jessica) and we had fun reminicing etc.

On Sunday I was too lazy to do anything much; I started stalking Corrs singles on eBay and then decided to list a bunch of crap I have been meaning to get rid of. Hopefully it sells!

I think that's it. I'm going to write about the book I am reading later.

Huzzah! Rare Corrs Song: I dragged Pareesa to Northern Lights for "breakfast" so I could use the wireless to stalk eBay and make sure no one out bid me on my precioussss Corrs CD. No one did, and I won!! It's actually a single, containing 3 versions of "Only When I Sleep" and a super-special ultra-rare song called "Remember." Rare song rare song! I am disproportionately excited about this.

Also, the sun-dried tomato cream cheese from UCLA is not so good as it used to be. There are hardly any sun-dried tomatoes in it!

[Comments] (2) Mer: PayPal's Exchange Rate as of Apr. 20, 2005: 1 U.S. Dollar = 0.508072 Pounds Sterling

Ack: I am watching my Serbia article slowly climb in word count, page and footnote number. Clearly this is the logical occurance when one is writing something, but I'm trying not to be alarmed all the same. It's not going to be fun to cut. I'll be needing that machete.

Bonus weblog material:

This is one of my favorite stories: “A man from another Unit working in Serbia, during a conversation with Dr. Inglis poured out his woes with regard to the dissensions in his Unit. He wound up by saying, “I supposed you never have these troubles—you seem such a happy family!” “I looked at him, writes Dr. Inglis, “to see if he was laughing. But he wasn’t. He was in dead earnest. So I hid my smile and said, ‘Well, perhaps women can manage other women better than men can!’”

It’s funny, how tricky perception can be. I’d always thought, from reading different accounts, that Mrs Harley resigned from admin of the Transport Column because she really felt she’d be doing better with relief work in Monastir. But then I read a diary of one of the drivers, and it turns out they were at odds with Harley’s authority from the beginning. They were always taking cars off when she had forbidden them too—but they couldn’t think of any reasons they shouldn’t pick up the wounded.

I’m not sure exactly what happened… But someone must have complained—a representative from the Scottish Women’s Hospitals Committee came out to investigate, and at the end of their six month contract Mrs Harley and her daughter went off to Monastir. Three months later she was dead, struck in the head by a stray bit of shrapnel.

It’s all a little confusing—I know I’ll have a hard time writing it. But my part is not nearly as difficult as Stacy’s, who had the warring Haverfield and Chesney, who could give the French-German rivalry a run for their money; and there’s the theory that Hodges resigned because she didn’t get on with Inglis—who is practically a saint.

So it’s not like we’ll be presenting a picture of these women working harmoniously together in a cheerful (and safe) atmosphere. I think there might be a predisposed tendency to perceive these women as all very self-sacrificing and easy to get along with, when that’s just not the case. But it does make it a lot more interesting! I only wish Harley had lived to write her side of the story.

[Comments] (1) Well, it's official: I filled out all my reply forms and the post-man is taking them away. I'm going to UCL.

But most probably not until next fall. Hopefully the dollar will have gone up by then.

Happy birthday mommy! I hope you are having fun in Utah.

[Comments] (4) Advice?: Once I get paid and have money again, I was thinking of buying some pounds in a foreign investment scheme so I don't have to worry about the sinking dollar rendering worthless all my hard-earned savings. But right now I'll get so few pounds for my dollars I wonder if it would be better to hang onto them and wait for the dollar to go back up... which hopefully it will... yes? no? maybe?

Whee: I made 15.89 selling some crap on ebay.


[Comments] (3) : My PK's article on Serbia is going to be extremely long. And half of it is footnotes. And, oh yeah, Serbia isn't the only part of the article. I suppose I'll get v good at using the machete.

Update: I thought by word count was 4,500, which is bad (good?) enough, but then I realised that wasn't including footnotes. It's actually 8,000 10,000. Wowo. That's half two-thirds of my MA thesis, right there. (But a lot of it is quotes, or cutting and pasting from summaries I've already written.) I know I'm adding too much for an article, but I can't tell myself to stop; I know it will be much easier to save it as is, then go back and edit, and have the longer version for future projects, than to go through the materials again trying to add more detail much later. So yes, once the article is finished, the book will be practically written. (Except for France, hahahahaha... ha.)

And, I'm stalking a super-cute pair of gold heels on eBay which I really don't need. I've wanted gold shoes ever since Christmas, when Leonard gave me a cute antique gold purse, so I can wear them with my black editor pants and a cute top--but the trouble is I don't have anywhere to wear them to, and even if I did I have black shoes & purse that would work perfectly fine. That and I'm going to try to only spend $20 a week (not including gas) in order to eventually afford grad school... soo--no bidding on gold shoes for Rachel. No non no.

Theme parks of the future:
crisbcreme: just hearing the words "renewed public interest" i suddenly think of like amusement parks
rachnmi: lol
crisbcreme: "Come visit the WWI Serbian Amusment Park!"
rachnmi: ohh fab lets have a wwi amusement park
rachnmi: hahah
crisbcreme: try the mustard gas chamber!
rachnmi: rollercoaster through the trenches
crisbcreme: typhoid
crisbcreme: just in general
rachnmi: ambulance bumper cars
crisbcreme: haha
crisbcreme: oh we so need to build this
rachnmi: those flying jet thingys--you can drop bombs out of
crisbcreme: with your history knowledge and my mechanical skills
rachnmi: hahahaha
crisbcreme: learn while you play

[Comments] (2) Woe: I feel like everyone is getting ready to Move On and do Exciting New Things whereas I am just stuck with the same old, but I know it's ridiculous for me to complain.

Probably I am just grouchy because I am hungry but I don't have anymore food and I don't want to buy anything because I am trying to spend only $20 a week, plus I don't want to leave until I am ready to go-go, and it's still trafficky out there. Fab.

Plus WWI is not the most cheerful things to study most of the time; that and other things, such as the Armenian-Americans picketing outside the Federal Building demanding Turkish recognition of the genocide, make me want to despair for society as a whole.

PS according to the quiz I am 12% Repulican, and "People like [me] are the reason everyone else votes for guys like Reagan or George W." Even more fab.

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