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[Comments] (3) Lions and Tigers and Bears, oh my!: As thanks for taking care of their preciousss kitties (Rufus now hates me, but that's good because it means he must be feeling better, and I'm glad he waited till the last pill to start fighting it) Leonard & Jeff bought us tickets to go see Wicked! It was a really, really good show. I thought it was a fairly good adaptation of Gregory Maguire's book, after all somethings must change... my only complaints would be it seemed to be focused more on the love story than the relationship between Glinda and Elphaba, and the ending was a bit too forced. But overall, very good, good voices, good staging, good costumes. I had a great evening, barely marred by the fact that we got lost on the way back. We got on the wrong muni line, got off to go back and switch, but when we got on a tram going to opposite direction it was still going the wrong way. I'm not quite sure how that happened, but oh well.

Today we went with Leonard to the Oakland Zoo. The Oakland Zoo has the official Rachel stamp of zoo approval. It wasn't so big, we were able to go through & see everything without getting tired, but it was full of enough pretty animals that I felt zoo-tisfied. There were adorable meercats, neato bats, camels, gorgeous lions--a whole pride of them--and tigers, and elephants and giraffes, quite a herd of them, and they all looked very happy. Plus there was a "sky ride" sky lift that took us over the tigers and the lions, one of whom rolled over onto his back rather like Tonks does when he wants his tummy rubbed, very cute, in order to see the buffalo roaming and deer grazing near the zoo. There were about a million and a half little kids there.

Then we went to Greens To-Go for lunch. I was bitterly disappointed that they were out of goat cheese sandwiches as I've wanted one since the first time I went to Greens, but the Caprese was very good, and of course we had to stop at the Friends of the Library bookstore where I succumbed to the pressure of my many-paged friends and bought AJP Taylor's English History 1914-1945 ("Don't you know that already?" asked Leonard) and Peter Mayle's French Lessons.


Posted by Susie at Fri Aug 26 2005 15:43

What a wonderful title for your entry!!!

I am jealous you got to go to the zoo.

Posted by Rachel at Fri Aug 26 2005 18:37

Thanks, I thought it was clever myself. There was a bear, too, a Malaysian sun bear. He was the cutest thing ever and I wanted to take him home with me to cuddle.

Posted by Alyson at Sat Aug 27 2005 03:20

You know, the Kansas City Zoo has meerkats, and they are Atticus' and Samuel's favorites! They boys look forward to watching them every visit. Not all the zoo animals play and interact with people visitors, but meerkats are always willing.

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