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[Comments] (1) Darn those muggles: A long time ago, when I first went away for college, Mom bought me a toolbox and filled it full of a hammer, nails, screwdriver, etc etc. Such a useful thing to have, but I never could find it when I got back from study abroad, so I had to suffer through my last years of college hammer-less. I eventually decided I must have left it in my dorm room.

Today I went into Susie's room to see if I could find an index card box that I once owned but thought I might have gotten rid of and I noticed a toolbox on the shelf. Could this be the mysteriously vanished toolbox of years ago? I asked myself. I opened it and found, amoung other things, a lock that opened with my combination, and a set of batteries for my huge MAG-LITE. Ta-dum! I wonder if it's really been sitting there in plain view on that shelf for 3 and a half years...

[Comments] (5) Deathly: Other than the snot, the coughing, the feeling miserable, being sick really isn't too bad. It's a nice excuse to sleep as much as I want, and not go to the gym. I've spent the last few days curled up in bed with JB and Tonks, reading.

I finished The Truth, and next was the surprisingly good novel that I picked up from the advance review shelf in the breakroom, called, ironically enough, Bed Rest. Since it's due to be published in may, I'm doing as I thought I would and writing up my comments to said to the email address on the back. I'll post my review to LibraryThing so you all can see it too, as soon as I'm able to add more bookies to my catalogue. And maybe Susie can borrow it next time she is up, if she wants.

Now I'm reading The Great Irish Potato Famine. I don't know what it is about history books, but some of them are interesting and easy to read, and some of them just aren't. It's like a certain magical touch that is some books is lacking. Fortunatley, the Irish Potato Famine is one of the former, but unfortunatley, my overall History of Ireland book is one of the latter. I feel asleep about 3 times while I was trying to read it on Wednesday. By contrast, I stayed up till midnight reading the famine book yesterday. I'm almost halfway done, which is my goal for this weekend, but I also want to do some work and finish reading my French Revolution book, so I must try to keep a balance.

As much as I've *cough* enjoyed beign sick this weekend I hope I'm better tomorrow as I have to drag myself out of bed to go to class in the morning. Of course I can always come straight back, which is what I did on Friday.

[Comments] (1) Meet the pros of con: "What does that mea--? oh I get it."

[Comments] (1) It only hurts when I breathe: I've somehow managed to pull a muscle in my chest, or something, probably from coughing, or something. but it feels a lot better today than it did yesterday so is hopefullly healling. Other than that I am almost mostly recovered from my illness. I'm just back from LA, where I did some important work and equally important hanging out with Christina. We met up with Ron in a Hollywood tapas restaurant and sat their for four hours eating and chatting, which was v fun.

Now I get to read an article on French Political Thought at the Accession of Louis XVI and write a critical summary by midnight.

[Comments] (2) Random: I am now my own friend on Facebook.

[Comments] (3) For the uniformed:
HBP paperback to be released July 25. (Less importantly, Da Vinci Code paperback to be released March 28.)

The news on AD taken from (via Rob):

Question: Do you have any information about Arrested Development? — Willie
Ausiello: The grapevine (and the current issue of Television Week) is telling me that Showtime recently sweetened the negotiations pot by offering to pick up Arrested for two — count 'em, two — seasons upfront. That's a lot better than the paltry 13-episode commitment ABC was prepared to make. Meanwhile, at press tour on Tuesday, Fox president Peter Liguori confirmed that it is "highly unlikely" that Arrested will live on at Fox (no, really?), although he said he's holding off on making a final decision until after the show's last four episodes air in February. "It is regrettable that we did not find the audience that that show deserved. But it's a [Twentieth] property, and if there is interest from other networks, it's the studio's right to put it up to bid."

More on actual life later.

[Comments] (1) UCP: I just noticed one of mom's sweatshirts. I had forgotten about it, but it's really funny so I thought I'd write about it and let everyone else in on the joke. This is what it says:
University of California, Provo.

The trouble with sleeping in is, even though it feels so lovely, it really interferes with my ability ot get stuff done. Of all the things I need to do today, I've only managed to prepare for tomorrow's famine discussion, and that only partly. I'll have to wake up early to look at the questions in more detail, because Dagny's kicked me out at 7, and tonight I still have to revise my critical summary and think about the article for work. If only the laundry and dishes did themselves...

It was my plan to retain sanity now that I've started school again my allowing myself to read one chapter of a non-school, non-work book every night before bed. Now I think sanity will have to go. I've made great headway into Lies My Teacher Told Me, but only moderate progress into A Different Shade of Colonialism, which needs to be read by Monday, and I don't know when on earth I'll do it. It's not like my school books are boring. They are actually very interesting. There are just a lot of them.

I also might as well give up my gym membership since I never have time to go anymore. Becca and I have talked of doing Pilates together, and since I never see her that might be a solution.

Bah, this wasn't supposed to be a complaining entry about how little time I have. I'm actually very up about things, though you wouldn't know it from reading the last few paragraphs. My classes are really interesting and going very well and I have a clear idea of where I want this all to take me. It's just a lot of work. I'm not sure if this is a result of the higher level of education, or the new approach I am taking to it--no longer slacking off or taking the easy way out. Maybe this is a result of what I learned my the last year-ish of college and the 2-ish years of working for PK, in combination with the fact that I have now reached the pinnacle of agency in education. With no stupid GE requirements to fulfill I really absolutely don't have to do anything at all that doesn't interest me.

Blah blah blah why am I still talking when there is work to do? Sometimes I feel like I talk talk talk all the time and have no idea what I'm talking *about*. That's how I felt yesterday when I was discussing Baker's analysis of documents as a reflection of political thought, but my professor said he really enjoyed my comments. So maybe I am saying something, after all.

Time to get the sheets from the dryer.

[Comments] (1) Eye kan spile: There are certain words you'd think I'd have learned by now. Like soilder. And sufferage.

Up and Down: I saw Brokeback Mountain yesterday and now I'm sooooo depressed.

On the other hand Friday night I saw Howl's Moving Castle at FLICS, and it was really cute. Plus I stopped at the booksale at the library after work yesterday and got 7 books for $2.25: The Girl's Guide to Hunting and Fishing, The Unbearable Lightness of Being, From Isolation to War, 1931-1941, Inherit the Wind (yes, the one we read in Mr Adam's class freshman year), The Irish Upstart ("research" for a possible money-making venture), Quentins, and The Little Prince. Too bad my LibraryThing is full and I can't add my new books...

[Comments] (3) Surreptitious cuddling: I woke up in the middle of the night and there was a large kitty next to me. When I woke up again the kitty was in his bed on the floor. But now I know.

[Comments] (4) Willpower (or lack thereof): Stacy left her cheetos on the desk at work. Bad move, Stacy.

Scientific method: I've come up with a new research methodology. Here is how it goes: orchestrate a conversation with a friend in which I complain about my lack of a question to ask. Pose a theoretical question I could ask, but have no desire to, or no way to answer it. From that, come up with an alternative/related question that I want to/can answer, and say, "If only I could ask this…" Then wonder, "Why can't I?"

So maybe it is a bit accidental, but it seems to have worked so far, since its discovery. We shall see.

[Comments] (4) Ouch!: Stop me if I've quoted this already. But it's one of my favorites:

What struck me most about these men was the way in which they blew their own trumpets in full retreat and while flying from the enemy... They were all saying, "We will you bring the Kaiser's head, miss"; to which I replied, "Well, you had better turn round and go the other way."
--Sarah Macnaughtan

[Comments] (15) Yay, good things:: I got an A (well, A-) on my first critical summary for professor hottie's class. My first grade since I'm back in school! Unless you count the quiz in Irish history, which I also got an A on.
I went to Russo's on my break between classes to see friendly faces while I studied, and I had a good time.
The stupid book is now over with and I think I will like the rest of the books we are reading this quarter.
JKR, like Susie (was), is in Romania helping orphans.
I made several history related jokes in class that made professor hottie laugh.
I got to show my picture of the replica of the Rosetta Stone, the one that says "Captured in Egypt by the British Amry in 1801."

Words I should know how to spell #2: reaserch

[Comments] (1) Hee:

But why are they never played on the radio?: Today was not the worst day ever, but it could have been a lot better. The high point was when "Summer Sunshine" came on at Quiznos.

[Comments] (2) Note to Self: Do not attempt to read at the dog park ever again.

Imperial Leather now has dirt all over it. How... ironic.

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