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[Comments] (1) Again?: Heater is fixed. Susie and John have come and gone. Pat & Shannon threw spoiled Susie & Beet a lovely shower, which was so nice and tons of fun. I got to see lots of people I haven't seen in ages and probably enjoyed it as much as Susie did. Now I am huddled in the library preparing for a very hectic week. (at least the beginning will be).

Yesterday was my last night at the bookstore--for good (though I did say I'd step in for emergencies and will probably work HP7 night if I am around... but hopefully I won't be). At some point I decided it was more important to graduate in June and remain a sane and healthy being while writing my thesis than continue to bring home $300 a month. Not to mention I was going batty from the erratic scheduling. Not once this year was I scheduled at a time listed in the "availability" I so carefully wrote out for the manager. Coincidence? If it was a passive-aggressive contest between me & her for control over my schedule, I think I won. Besides, I like to think I've reached a point in my life where my time is worth more than slightly above minimum wage. In that note, I've signed up to take the CBEST in Feb. and plan to start subbing once I get my scores & do all the paperwork. Plus that way I'll have some teaching experience for my resume in case I have to go job hunting. In the meantime I am taking three classes plus writing my thesis which should be enough for anyone's plate. And I am brainstorming about ways to save money since I am now a pauper:

Avoid unnecessary trips across town to save gas (ie stay at school in between my classes on Monday and Wednesday).
Bring tea to make instead of buying drinks at the coffee shop, my own packed healthy lunches and snacks instead of attacking the vending machines (long night classes require material comforts & I have three of them this quarter).
Eat only spaghetti and pb&j. No fancy frozen meals from TJs. No eating out.
Maybe not working in a bookstore will reduce my book-buying temptations. In that vein, perhaps I should take a different route home so I am not driving by Inn-n-out when I am weak with hunger.
No browsing through the Target clothes and accessories section when I am there to buy cat food and toothpaste, even if it is just the clearance.


Posted by Susie at Mon Jan 22 2007 16:40

"Eat only spaghetti and pb&j" Don't be too hard on yourself! Maybe we should have bought you a $15 vat of PB at Costco...

I had a fun time with you. (ref: cute toenails) I hope you come down in a couple weeks. Did you see your pressie in the freezer?

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