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[Comments] (5) I always take the long way home: Just finished with my lecture for class (one of two I have to do this quarter--the next one will be on women during WWI!). I am super relieved because it went pretty well, even though I am no so well-versed in post-revolutionary American history. Mostly it was discussion, on the Midwife's Tale and The Return of Martin Guerre. Ta-dum! Now I had better hurry home & write a smallish paper. Maybe not straight home; Denise the temptress invited me to meet her & Jenn at In-n-out for din din. Lucky it is cheap. Tomorrow I am going to the dentist like everyone else (not so cheap, but hey, I won't be American if I don't have nice teeth!).


Posted by Sumana at Tue Jan 23 2007 05:34

LOVED Midwife's Tale.

Posted by Susie at Tue Jan 23 2007 15:19

have fun at the dentist, like the rest of us!

Posted by Chris at Tue Jan 23 2007 18:16

Ditto Susie.

Posted by Rachel at Wed Jan 24 2007 20:55

yah Chris I saw your mom there! spooky! (that we are all going to the dentist at the same time.)

Posted by Susie at Wed Jan 24 2007 22:20

My teeth are clean! And I haven't had to have x-rays for two times now, haha!

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