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[Comments] (2) Library culture?: I really, really don't understand why people think its ok to talk in the library. Seriously people are walking around in the stacks talking on their cell phones. Or sitting in the chairs just chatting with each other. Not even bothering to keep their voices down. I have told off about 5 people in the last week. I hate being so anal retentive but I don't see any solution except to spend less time in the library and I am behind on my french homework as it is. Oh well. Maybe I will just go to Dagny's instead. Noise doesn't bother me when its SUPPOSED to be there.


Posted by Susie at Wed Jan 31 2007 15:37

Use your earphones. Maybe you could buy a whitenoise MP3

Posted by Rachel at Thu Feb 01 2007 00:27

Usually, but sometimes I forget them (now I have a spare pair in my backpack or I don't have enough battery power to use the music. *whine*


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