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[Comments] (1) : Not having a computer sucks. The computer lab sucks. Luckily, I think I figured out, a 2 year extended warranty EXTENDS the 1 year warranty that comes with the product to 3 years. which would mean Dave is still covered. Beet or no Beet I am taking him to an Apple store this weekend. I NEED a computer! I cannot write this chapter without one.

Last night I dreamt I was running away from Nazis and I couldn't get away fast enough. Some guy was trying to help me by dragging me along. What does it meeeean??

[Comments] (1) Why in the name of goodness did I burn that twenty pounds?: I have just finished a paper on Ann Veronica (which poor Susie had to read and which, it turns out, is not due until next week, but at least it is done and now I can improve it... still, it means I could have gone to class last night and saved my freebie for next week in case Beet is arriving... anyway).

I'm simply discovering that life is many-sided and complex and puzzling. I thought one had only to take it by the throat.
It hasn't got a throat!

I wish I were still keeping up with my list. These things are so *difficult* without a Dave. I am so disorganized... It's very annoying that someone has got the two decent women and FWW books the library has. And has renewed them. *I* ought to have those books! Well I am getting them next quarter and not letting go... At UCLA the grad students get to keep their books all quarter (I think). Here one gets no privledges, no library office, blah.


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