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: I am up in SF with Leonard and Jeff having a great time. I leave in four days. Tonks is pretty happy up here but I am worried that he will forget who I am. I'm looking through all of Leonard's travel books to supplement my LP Eastern Europe. Going back to Bakersfield soon. Tomorrow I go down to the consulate in LA to (hopefully) get my visa.

so much for the shift key: Down in arcadia to watch a race before i go... and yet i still have things to do before i leave! ho-hum.

[Comments] (1) Reminder: www.wanderwoot.blogspot.com I am now officially a full-time traveller. [Please note the UK spelling]

Magic makes for efficient packing: There was supposed to be another post here. Last night: have book, will read. Now is the other end of the story. Which means I've gotten about 5 or 6 hours sleep combined in the last two days, go me. But I'm going to try plowing through and just going to bed early tonight so my body isn't even more messed up than it already is. The funny thing is, it would not be unusual to have left my hotel the next day twelve hours after getting back the previous night if I had just had a really long sleep and lazy morning. No one might have guessed I had just read an entire HP novel...

Of course I have thoughts but I won't say any of them because I'm sure that no one else has finished reading or at least hardly anyone else. So lalala....

I just figured out that my stupid t-mobile sim won't work in europe (I bought a cheap phone in Ukraine) and for some reason I can't dial internationally with the one I bought here. Fabulous. It's so odd to be back in London, a place that is so familiar to me that it feels like home, but it isn't anymore, or it isn't yet. And a lot has changed. I have spend the last day or so wandering around what will be my neighborhood. It's so funny that I meant an American girl in line who was on a study abroad summer. She said she was going back to her room afterwards to put pictures up on facebook and I said I'd like to do that so I went with her to a building halfway between the bookstore and my hotel, which turned out to be Connaught Hall, the place I had selected on my housing application. Then when i got there and checked my email I had one saying I had been nominated for a place there! So strange.

I'm really, really tired. It doesn't help that my computer clock says 5:50 am.

[Comments] (19) what I think: at least until I read it again, hopefully under more conducive circumstances. spoilers in the comments.


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