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[Comments] (1) Whew: I just got back from picking up Stacy from the airport, checking her into her room near covent garden, having lunch and walking to the strand to find an orange store only for it to be closed. I was just going to settle down for a nap but a French girl I met in Poland who is visiting London called, wanting to hang out, so I am heading out to South Kensington instead. The exchange rate and cost of things in general is really killing me. For instance I spent 20 pounds on things like deodorant and dish soap yesterday. Which is like $40. I've decided i have to stop converting into dollars because it does no good, only depresses me. The only way I will feel better is to get a job and start EARNING pounds, which I am going to do asap. I'm really really worried about how I'm going to survive this city.


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