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[Comments] (2) Maybe I can blame it all on jet lag.: It looks sunny outside. But I am not fooled. I know it's a trap. You think, ahh, what a lovely day, then you go outside and FREEEZE! No thanks.

In other news, I am so vair vair tired as Georgia would say. I think I am coming down with something and couldn't sleep last night for a scratchy throat, forcing me to resort to nyquil, which would account for the drugged feeling I have. Went to brunchie and there was nothing worth eating so I made yet another pbj. They used to have lovely baguettes at brunch, whatever happened to that, now it is just the endless english breakfast. Save our souls.

Still. To workie.


Posted by s at Sun Jan 06 2008 16:39

it actually semi warm today. you want to take a walk next week sometime? i have 3 papers to do this week. balhagueag. but i wanna go check out regent's park. we can take a stroll and be cold.

Posted by Becca at Mon Jan 07 2008 19:25

And you scoffed at my gift!

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