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[No comments] : Wow, it's bed time, and I still haven't done two very important things I meant to do this weekend: type up my IWM handwritten notes and write about Rome before it goes the way of Belfast. (no link there because I still haven't done it.) How does this happen? I did spend the afternoon in the worthy task of back-uping up my files since I have been happily reunited with my external hard drive, and clearing out space to make room for some things essential to planned projects on my computer. And trying to work out why Zotero wasn't working, something in my mozilla profile (what words! I've had quite an education) is broken and until I figure out what, I have no bookmarks or anything, but at least I have my research notes. However. An equal amount of time was spent chatting on gmail. In conclusion, I fail, so it's straight back here tomorrow for laundry and writing.

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