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Would you like some ketchup with that chip?: Here with L. a great time so far. Unrelatedly I feel like everyday I am learning more about British culture. Apparently leap day is the day where it's "okay" for women to propose to men. Like pancake day, I had to listen to a couple of references feeling like I was missing something I really should know about before someone explained it to me. Not even wikipedia knows the whole story, but that postcard is awesome, and supposedly if your proposee turns you down he owes you a present! great way to amass presents. Actually I feel a romance novel coming on. And one more random fact that I now know about, so I can feel more part of the gang one four years from now. If I'm still here.

In other news I have also now become one of those people who refer to wikipedia for everything. I tried to resist, it's just sooo ... easy.

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