La Vie En Rose for 2008 March 11 (entry 0)

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Normally you don't squee in the British Library. Unless you're me:

One of the young nurses in this hospital was, literally, the finest living model of womanhood I have ever seen. On a hot still night of August, just before sailing for England, she suggested a last bathe under the cliffs about a mile away. Our exit from the compound was a stealthy business, and so unpremeditated that we had no time to seek out our bathing costumes. We swam in the calm, warm waters of the Aegean, clad only as the ancient Greeks were clad, and afterwards we lay on the sand to dry and talked of many things. Then we resumed our uniforms and crept back through the line of sentries to our respective quarters….And that was all.
--Henry Fitch, My Mis-Spent Youth (I'll say)

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