La Vie En Rose for 2008 July 22 (entry 0)

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[Comments] (2) Stream of consciousness : I know monopolies are supposedly bad and everything, but I have this fantasy. I want google to buy facebook, so my inboxes are the same everywhere and I can stalk people all on one page. I want google to buy flickr, I know it's already owned by yahoo, get out of my fantasy! I want google to buy delicious and librarything so I can click on a tag and have it bring up everything from that tag in books, pictures, blog posts, etc. And I want it all to seamless integrate with my mac so I can jump from thing to thing without losing my train of thought.

wait, where did it go?

I want every word I type to be search able (by me!) so I can find it again.


Posted by anonymous at Wed Jul 23 2008 11:15

Yes, monopolies...but you're right it would be totally awesome. I have to say that google mail/docs/reader/calendar already make me so happy! I love that little bar at the top and knowing how much is connected. I think flickr would be the best thing for them to add - I'd really like a photo ap that connects. Although on the other hand, I like facebook photo cause ppl see it, but I like the SETUP of flikr, and would actually pay if I thought those pics would reach anyone. So at least can the two of them combine?

About the post on the other blog and the article on EXIT - I had no idea who the acts were. The Streets! Gogol Bordello! The Gossip! I wish I had been able to come.


Posted by Becca at Sat Jul 26 2008 08:05

Monopolies are only bad for consumers. And really, that's only horizontal monopolies. Vertical monopolies aren't so bad.

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