La Vie En Rose for 2008 January

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again: Home safe

[Comments] (2) Can't see further than my own nose: Wow, I was apparently really lazy about posting when I was back in the States... I have halfway unpacked and now my room looks like a tornado hit it. Where will all the stuff gooo??

[Comments] (1) Holiday highlights, in more or less chronological order:

[Comments] (2) Maybe I can blame it all on jet lag.: It looks sunny outside. But I am not fooled. I know it's a trap. You think, ahh, what a lovely day, then you go outside and FREEEZE! No thanks.

In other news, I am so vair vair tired as Georgia would say. I think I am coming down with something and couldn't sleep last night for a scratchy throat, forcing me to resort to nyquil, which would account for the drugged feeling I have. Went to brunchie and there was nothing worth eating so I made yet another pbj. They used to have lovely baguettes at brunch, whatever happened to that, now it is just the endless english breakfast. Save our souls.

Still. To workie.

: My new job is going great. My supervisor was "exceptionally pleased" with my historiography. I am 95% sure moving into a flat in seven sisters. Now I'm off to the IWM for some research. Life is pretty good right now.

I am moving: Attempting to pack, and wondering if my stuff has learned to procreate or where did it all come from?

[Comments] (2) By foot it's a slow climb: Just to let you all know that I am still alive and have not actually dropped off the face of the planet. It's just that my new flat doesn't have internet (yet!) and I have been too busy to actively seek it out, till now. Well actually I am still too busy but it was getting ridiculous! I am too addicted to go so long without checking email. Anyway: my new flat is amazing and Aleks is here for her visit. We have lots of fun running aroud doing things. I have been meeting her for evenings after my work at the Imperial War Museum but tonight we are going to take it easy and go to bed early! Hopefully soon I will be able to catch up on everyone's blogs, etc.

When I come back you'll know: Only to say that we have internet in the flat. Charley and I are heading to Rome early tomorrow, whee! After that it is back to the grind. Have hardly had two moments to think this whole month from working hard and playing hard. My friend Aleks was here for a week and we had a blast, I really love the new flat and now that there is internet in residence hopefully I won't be such a stranger. Byeee!!!


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