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[Comments] (2) Here's a hint: If you see someone struggling with three heavy bags, by all means help him/her. Or at the very least get out of her way!


Posted by Kristen at Fri Oct 31 2008 04:27

agreed, or if you see someone with a huge diaper bag and purse and holding a naughty (and screaming) 2 yr old trying is wiggle his way down and run away with another 4 yr old wandering off, please let her cut in line. Would it really hurt that much? Or at least get the heck out of the line for the families or special needs people when you are 2 separate 65 yr old ladies.

Posted by John at Sat Nov 01 2008 16:44

To Rachel & Kristen:

I agree with getting out of your way. As for helpling, well, that's a tough one. Our litigious society has made it so that we do-gooders are terrified to help women and children. The last thing I need is to be called a stalker or pedophile for having decent intentions. And unfortunately, I can't tell which ones will appreciate the help versus the ones that will think I have base, alterior motives.

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