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[Comments] (3) 25% more free: I didn't get any writing done today or even my sunday chores, but still I feel so productive! Until today about 1/4 of my room, no joke, was taken up by a humongous wardrobe. It took up a whole wall! I really hated it from the first and I tried to pawn it off on Jenn, but she was having none of it. It really limited the options in my room and took up so much space that everything else was cramped, especially my desk, and I hardly had any room to sit at it and work which I'm sure at least partly explains why I have been so unproductive lately!

However the wardrobe came with the house and I didn't want to have to buy a new wardrobe or dresser if I got rid of it. Then I spied this little gem from Ikea, only £25! and I decided it would look great in my room. So this morning Seb and I set off for Ikea. We took two buses to get there and it took over an 90 minutes so that was no fun, but then the adventures began. It was a Sunday so it was pretty crazy, but even so we managed to get in and out with almost everything we intended to buy and a few things more. Then we came home and started the hard work, disassembling the 'monstrosity' as I started calling the wardrobe. When I say we I really mean Seb because he did all the hard work of disassembly and assembly and carting the heavy bits in between, to the basement, which is full of our landlord's junk storage and is now more like bursting. So he definitely gets the awesome flat mate award. I also put up new curtains which I bought *last* Ikea trip. My room already looks so much better! It's a shock to walk in and see open space as opposed to the large wall of a wardrobe.

It's not quite done though. I got a small pine dresser which I want to paint black before assembling, and I got lots of frames for pictures and prints, but we don't have a hammer or nails so they're not up yet. I also want to get a frame for at least one other poster. Also I don't have a dust ruffle yet, Ikea failed on having the sheets I need twice in a row so I'm going somewhere else. It's going to look so great! I will put up pictures when it's done. I'm so excited and happy. It's been forever since I've been anywhere and had an expectation of staying for longer than a year at most. It's so nice to nest!

I also got a pillow top mattress cover thingie so my bed is super comfy now. And I'm going to go use it.


Posted by Susie at Mon Nov 17 2008 01:10

oooh I got one of those pillow-top mattress covers for Mother's Day - what a great mother's day gift idea!

Posted by Rachel at Mon Nov 17 2008 01:14

I know, that's what gave me the idea of getting one instead of getting a new mattress since my bed is so crappy. Much easier and cheaper.

Posted by Jenn. at Tue Nov 18 2008 01:21

Oh I hate that you guys got all this done without me. I will never manage to get my room sorted on my own - here's guessing I don't return those things to Ikea. 90 minutes on two buses? And it was supposed to be easy or something. I wonder how much a taxi would cost.

And of course Seb assembled/unassembled for you. What did you expect?!

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