La Vie En Rose for 2008 September

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[Comments] (1) Oh I give up: It has been forever since I posted. What can I say. 1. Happy bday Susie. 2. back in London. I'm copying from some emails what I have been up to. because I am lazy. In case you hadn't noticed.

Some things I have been up to: I have been busy catching up with everyone and trying to get back into the swing of things. I got my old job back, at least temporarily, spent some time in the library and on Saturday after some intial flat hunting Jenn and I went to a democrats abroad rally at a fair by the river. It said "canvassing" but we didn't believe it till we saw it. Can you imagine canvassing for an american election in a foreign country? We got a few mummers about that but most people were really supportive and we got a lot of "I'd vote for him if I could." The goal was to get expats registered and requesting absentee ballots and we actually had quite a few people asking how they could and even more taking fliers for their american friends. So. It was fun anyway but totally exhausting. I can't imagine doing it in the states though. We had very few jeers, I could probably count them on one hand, I imagine that would not be the case if I tried to do the same thing in Bakersfield!

We have a new house. It is described thus: The thing we hate most about it are the kitchen cupboards dating from the 1970s and sporting a lovely puke green color. And the fact that there's no off street parking, and both of the toilets are upstairs. All very minor things. There are two reception rooms (that's what the Brits call living rooms) opening into one another, but the one has a fold out couch and doors that close completely, so plenty of room for guests hint hint. The kitchen is HUGE with a ten person dark wood table. We love the table. There is a fireplace!! that works!! (gas of course) and a bay window with an old fashioned couch in it. Upstairs there are three double bedrooms. Mine is overlooking the garden and is completely lined in shelves. I'm even considering shipping a couple of boxes of books just so I can fill them up! It is the smallest bedroom but it is still plenty big and one wall is taken up with a huge wardrobe. I seriously don't have enough stuff to fill it! There are two other bedrooms... The bathtub has jacuzzi jets in it! In the extra toilet room are washer and DRYER (unheard of) and there is also an American size fridge (yes they are called that) and a dishwasher (also unheard of). Then to top it all off there is a lovely garden with a bbq, outdoor heater, plum and apple trees. And there is a cat flap on the door! Needless to say Tonks will be very welcome there. What a relief. It's on an incredibly quiet street, the road at the end is not open to through traffic so I feel secure in letting him doing him wandering which is great because I don't think he would be happy otherwise. This place is perfect for cats! Jenn is also going to get a kitten. There is a park at the end of the road, the entrance just two minutes away and it has some nice paths for running on. AND we were looking around the area on Saturday while waiting for one of our viewing appointments. At the top of the road, about 10 minutes walk max, there is a really nice gym that has pilates classes, a women's only workout room, pool sauna and steam room etc etc. We poked our heads in and ended up taking a tour and they were really friendly! There are also some little shops, two pubs, and a vet! Then up the road a little further, about 15 min walk from the house, is Muswell Hill Broadway. This is a really posh area of London. As Jenn pointed out we are really gentrifying from Seven Sisters. There are a lot of families living here because the houses are so big, there's so much green space and the air, I swear, is fresher, I think it comes from being uphill. There are a ton of nice shops that I can't afford, plus grocery stores and a planet organic. There was a fishmonger which on saturday morning had a line of 15 people out the door. So I'm guessing that's good. Tons of pubs and restaurants plus it is a major bus hub so we are never too far from a 24 hour bus for when the tube (which did I mention is 2 minutes from our house??) is shut. It will be such a relief to get away from the Victoria line. They have been doing works the entire time I have lived here, closing at 10 every week day, which means if you are out having dinner you have to cut and run during the dessert, and to make matters worse it closes completely about every other weekend, but in September it's closed EVERY weekend, and you have to get a rail replacement bus to the picadilly line making getting into central london at least 20 min longer. The northern line is much better. It's fairly reliable, even though people call it the "misery line" (I think people just like to complain) plus because of the way it's set up, very confusing so I'll have to give you a crash course when you come to visit, you have twice as many destination options as other lines. We're moving not this but next weekend.

Less than a month and I will be in the states! I can't believe how busy life is and continues to be. I was really sad about leaving novi sad and my idyllic life there but now that I am back in London I am sooo happy to be back!


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