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[Comments] (2) Ugh: Sorry to make my first real entry in months complainy, but I am sooo frustrated right now. I have been trying to book my trip to the states for two weeks now, and it seems like every time I look ticket prices have gone up. I don't want to book my tickets until I have Tonks' travel sorted out, and it is turning out to be sooo much more complicated than I ever expected it would be. It's not like I went into this with my eyes shut; I did a lot of research and asked a lot of people who had done it, but now it is turning out that no airline will fly pets into London as baggage, they all have to be cargo, which is much more expensive and pain-in-the-ass-y. The only airline I was actually able to talk to was Virgin and they wanted to charge something like $600 or $700. one way! Now I'm waiting to hear back from United and British airways after spending virtually all day on hold. I guess one possibility is that on cargo I think he can fly unaccompanied, so maybe I can scratch the trip to CA off my bday wishlist and use the money for him instead. This is just getting so ridiculous and out of hand. To make matter worse I'm sick, and everyone had the winter blahs and is in a bad mood. (Including me.)


Posted by Susie at Tue Feb 10 2009 17:20

Blah and sick here as well. Hope it works out with Tonks.

Posted by Kristen at Sat Feb 14 2009 04:31

We flew with Sadie under our seat. It was free but she had to be in a travel kennel.

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