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[Comments] (1) T update: Tonks seems to be adjusting really well. He spent the first night in Jenn’s closet but last night he slept with us for the first bit and spent the rest of the night prowling or who knows what. How do you tell if a cat is jet lagged? My friend who brought her dog over said he got jet lagged, but cats have such sporadic sleeping hours anyway I wonder if it makes a difference.

He is getting along well with all the inhabitants of the house who seem to have taken a liking to him as well, except perhaps Nimbus who regards him with some caution. I’m sure the idolising stage will come in a bit! As nimbus has always adored having other cats around.

So far he has been busy exploring our house and has not shown any desire to go outside. His new favourite hiding place is behind the couch – although Seb said he had to move it out a bit so he doesn’t get stuck!


Posted by Susie at Mon Aug 24 2009 21:19

haha, fat cat stuck behind the couch!


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