La Vie En Rose for 2010 January

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[Comments] (2) : Well it's a new year and time to make new resolutions that I won't keep. Last year I resolved to learn how to sew. I did not do this. In fact, last year I actually owned a sewing machine, and now I do not (Albeit the sewing machine was in storage in California, and I sold it resolving to use the money to buy another here... but I am reluctant to do so till I am settled in a new flat, and so.... ) The closest I came was making the easy half of a dress when I was visiting Susie. Oh well.

It might just be easier to give things up than try and learn new things. I have already resolved, kind of by accident, or at least non-consciously, to not take any short haul flights this year. I came to that one without really thinking about it and it's a good one, shouldn't be too hard to stick to. I have had some of my best holidays on ryanair sales (last year alone I was off to Florence, Barcelona and Serbia on budget airlines), but I am sick of the horrible guilt, not to mention the sneaky charges and the trekking to airports in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the night, and the awful ads they play at ear bursting levels. I think I'm ready to move on. Jenn and I are going to Amsterdam by night ferry, which I'm really excited about, and I can get my share of sun and beach in France via train or ferry. No visit to Morocco, but that's all right. Maybe next year.

So now I am half consciously having another resolution... not to buy any new clothes. I think my definition of "new clothes" would exclude things from charity shops. But I can think of three things already that I need/ will need: a winter hat, nude tights, some underwear... other than that, though. I think I do have everything I need and I can probably go a whole year without buying anything. So why not try?


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