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[Comments] (2) Please cosume me! : In general I ignore sell-by dates and the like, but some of them are so ridiculous that I can't believe anyone takes them seriously. For instance the jar from which the pickle I am now eating came says on the label: consume within 5 days.

Really??? I thought the whole point of pickles is that they can withstand a nuclear holocaust.

This is funny because in general I find Brits are a lot more relaxed about what goes in the cupboard instead of the fridge, whatever it says on the label. Eggs are the most famous example. Ketchup. Brown sauce. Chutney. Tabasco. Soy. Lemon juice. Hard grated cheese. Well, it's all in the fridge now. One of the benefits of having my own (sort of) kitchen.


Posted by Susie at Wed Feb 17 2010 00:25

I didn't know pickles were so pointy!

I know some people who are very lax about expiration dates and keeping stuff in the fridge. Yuck.

Also, I believe eggs do not have to be refrigerated, unless they've been refrigerated. =P Once you start, you can't stop!

Posted by Jenn at Tue Feb 23 2010 16:51

Now I kind of crave pickles. YUM. We were having this discussion about what goes in the fridge and what doesn't, because I got a butter dish for my bday. Turns out you don't have to keep butter in the fridge, a fact which I never knew. Now we have soft butter all the time! It's very exciting.

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