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[Comments] (2) A tale of two tomatoes: I have been thinking about tomatoes a lot lately. It started with the tesco delivery missing out the 21 tins of chopped tomatoes I had ordered. Long story short it ended with a call from the manager to apologize and I discovered I am becoming British because instead of demanding the tomatoes delivered for free an my convenience, I accepted his apology. At least I got the original delivery charge refunded.

This afternoon, on my way back home from collecting a brita filter from freecyle, I stopped at the large sainsbury's I love to hate in dalston. My main objects were tea (which Tesco also didn't deliver-- actually I prefer tea from sainsbury's because their own red label is free trade, tastes great and is super cheap) and a filter for the brita, which incidentally I forgot to buy. I also thought I would get some tomatoes since the cupboard is sadly lacking in the department. Then I got to the tomato aisle and remembered this article I read on the guardian about how they are switching their chopped tomatoes from tins to tetra-paks.

I have been having a crisis of conscious since my upstairs neighbor (currently playing the same three chords over and over, but I am doing my best to be equally annoying by blocking him out with amy winehouse.) told me tetra-paks can't be recycled here in Hackney. It turns out they can, but in the meantime I have learned that they are actually really hard to recycle and it's hardly worth it. So I have been torn about what to do about juice and tomatoes, and decided for the benefit of easy recycling to switch from my beloved tomato passata (40p for 500 grams) to canned tomatoes which are slightly more expensive (except when they are on offer, which is why I ordered 21 cans in the first place). But now it seems Sainsbury's has foiled even this small effort. Oh well. In the meantime I bought two cans of whole tomatoes figuring I can put them through the food processor.

I think the best solution would be to grow a years worth of tomatoes over summer and can them. But considering the result of my gardening efforts last year, this is extremely unlikely to happen...


Posted by Susie at Thu Feb 18 2010 19:37

I don't understand how Sainsbury's foiled your effort. Were they out?

Tin cans are the most universally recyclable and recycled material. It actually costs LESS to recycle a tin can than to make a new one.

Posted by rachel at Thu Feb 18 2010 20:06

S. only make chopped tomatoes in tetra-pak. So it does no good to buy them vs. T passata (cheaper)

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