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British reserve: There was nearly a riot in the post office today. The queue snaked all the way around and back again. I went in to change some money (going to Amsterdam tonight!) and waited for 10 minutes for someone to come up and say "2 min." and then for another 15. So I wasn't very happy about that and the people in the queue were not very happy with how fast it was moving. Then a guy started ranting and after a few uncomfortable minutes others started murmuring "he's right, he's right."

Might I have joined the riot? Possibly. I was not impressed by how long it took someone to come off their coffee break to take my money, and not to mention today I got a "You were out" sheet in the mail. For the record, I was NOT out and neither were at least two of my house neighbors. I had heard that sometimes lazy posties don't bother with the packages and just give the "you were out" sheets as a matter of course, but I didn't believe it till now. Now I have to go wait in that massive queue to pick up my package and pay £1 for the pleasure. From now on I'm having everything shipped to work.

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