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[Comments] (1) Clothes maketh the woman: It's about time I updated on how my goals for this year are going. I have been meaning to do it for about two months. So far, so good. I have had only one blip.

Sometime in February when it was pouring down rain I was very jealous of Edd who just put on his normal gear and one of those foldaway rain jackets over it. I don't have one of those so I put on my normal rain jacket, but the hood is a bit too effective, meaning I can't see. So by the time I showed up at work I was completely soaked. Thinking about how handy it would be to have one, especially in spring when showers can take you by surprise and an umbrella doesn't go very well with bicycles unless you are in Amsterdam, I nearly went on Amazon and getting myself a foldaway mac but then I remembered my goal. I looked in charity shops, tried to get one on freecycle, and even went on Oxfam online, but no luck. Then on my birthday we were in Oxford St buying knives and popped into Uniqlo. There was one on offer there for £15, pretty much what I wanted exactly, although probably made in sweatshop out of evil plastic, but I bought it anyway. Oh well. I hope it is my only blip. I guess the secret is to keep out of stores so there is no temptation.

Other than that I have been very good. I have bought: a winter hat (allowed because of previous need), tights (underwear so allowed -- but I jumped the gun on that one because I haven't worn them yet), a pair of jeans from a charity shop which were a great purchase, I wear them all the time, and just yesterday a cute top from the same charity shop. It's a great charity shop and I could have easily spent £30 or £40 getting lots of cute clothes I don't strictly need. I only allowed myself the top because I thought it would be a wise purchase, like the jeans. I think even when my clothing ban is over, that will be the main way forward.

That and sewing! I got a sewing machine for my birthday and I am so excited. I'm going to try it out today. It's a proper one, a Bernina from the 70s. I did buy a black suit jacket from Oxfam when I went on looking for a mac (one of the other things I wanted to buy this year but don't strictly need... it was a great deal and a lovely jacket but sadly had a cigarette burn on it so I had to send it back). I also bought some fabric and am in danger of becoming my mother. Hopefully the fabric will turn itself into a cute dress and skirt instead of sitting in my closet for 15 years, but I need to do some rudimentary projects first.

I have also gotten a pair of clarks sandals from freecycle but I haven't worn yet. I haven't decided yet if shoes are included in the ban, but I'm going to try to not buy any this year because I have my bases covered.


Posted by Susie at Wed Mar 24 2010 16:00

Good for you!

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