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The Pocket Wisherman is temporarily discontinued because Amazon removed the web service it was using.

Leonard Richardson here for the new Crummycom Pocket Wisherman. I use an Amazon wish list to keep track of books I want to buy. But whenever I'd go to the local used bookstore to actually buy things, I'd end up gawking at the shelves, not remembering what's actually on my list. Simply printing out the wish list would use up lots of paper and give me a list ordered in a way nearly useless inside a store. I thought "I can do better than this!" So I went into my workshop and invented the Pocket Wisherman.

The Pocket Wisherman sorts Amazon wish lists by genre and author, making it easy to find what you want in the store. It can format your list in all sorts of ways, compact or verbose. I print my list on 3x5-card-sized printouts, four to a page: cut them up and they're just the size to fit into my chi-chi Moleskine notebook. Now I don't have to struggle to remember what's on my wish list: it's all here in my pocket.

The Pocket Wisherman is a Python script that uses PyAmazon to access Amazon Web Services. It works on and wish lists. It might work for, but I haven't tried it. It exposes a useful Python interface, so you can write your own formatters or use it for any application that needs to categorize a heterogenous Amazon list.

Cuts through this tomato like it was a tin can!

The Pocket Wisherman can put your wish list into any of these formats:

Now how much would you pay?

Download the Pocket Wisherman.

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