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You've written 4723 letters and made 11154 phone calls.
As a team we've written 111203 letters and made 170799 phone calls.

Our highest priority is Tennessee.
Maine holds its primary today.

Your Phone eBlock

Sending letters: If you want to send letters instead of making phone calls, click here.

Quick instructions: Click a voter's phone number to bring up a new window containing a phone script for that voter. Call the voter and go through the script, typing in any information they provide into the fields on the script.

Once the phone call is complete, fill out the section "After the Call" and click the "Finish call" button. The phone script window will close and the voter will be removed from your block. Once you complete your block, you'll get another one to work on.

Phone calling tips | Quick issues guide

Voter namePhone numberCity/StateGenderPartyeBlock #
1. Ila H. Wallace (423) 555-1212 Clinton, TN Female Unknown 2860839 Complete this call
2. Mike W. Weeks (423) 555-1212 Cleveland, TN Male Unknown 2875035 Complete this call
3. Mary A. Watson (615) 555-1212 Ashland City, TN Female Unknown 2886521 Complete this call
4. Paulette D. Weesner (615) 555-1212 Ashland City, TN Female Unknown 2887194 Complete this call
5. Wesley allen Ward (615) 555-1212 Chapmansboro, TN Male Unknown 2885642 Complete this call
6. Joe T. Weeks (731) 555-1212 Henderson, TN Male Unknown 2887796 Complete this call
7. J.c. Wall Jr. (615) 555-1212 Smithville, TN Male Unknown 2938489 Complete this call
8. Rodney J. Walker (615) 555-1212 Charlotte, TN Male Unknown 2943818 Complete this call
9. Lisa M. Weeams (901) 555-1212 Williston, TN Female Unknown 2949881 Complete this call
10. Lisa H. Wallace (931) 555-1212 Winchester, TN Female Unknown 2953820 Complete this call

This block is reserved for you until 2004-02-10 22:04:05. If you don't mark these voters complete by then, they'll be returned to the pool and you'll get another block.

Show your eBlock in comma-separated value form (for input into Excel)

Customize Your Block:

Here you can change the size of your block, choose to see only male or only female voters, or see voters who live in a particular city.

Number: Show phone numbers at a time
Gender:Show voters
City: Show voters in the city of , TN
(leave blank to show voters from everywhere in the state)
Priority: min, max.

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