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: Watch yo'self!: "Tell me who the infallible philosopher is. I'd like to read her work."
-Me, during discussion of The Matrix today.

"You know, some people just don't want their Ph.D.s."
-Prof. Bruce Cain, yesterday, after a playful insult from a graduate student.


"We should start a chess club."
"Look, we're CS majors, we hang out in a computer lab, and you want us to start s chess club? Why don't we just spray ourselves with pussy repellent?"

-Heard in the Open Computing Facility.

My watch broke. I still have it on, since it feels weird to not wear a watch, but I put it on backwards to ensure that I won't use it to tell time. Perhaps I should simply wear a gaily decorative bracelet instead.

It's rather odd to live without a watch, for me. I find myself continually asking people if they "have the time" -- a curious expression, much like "spend a penny" -- and alternating between drifting, aimless lounging and frenzied rushes of movement.

jwz wrote that no job should require one -- well, him -- to wear a watch. Wearing a nonfunctional watch reminds me of "Chronopolis" by J.G. Ballard. What's better -- being part of a huge watch, or never knowing clocks?

Class: Today we discussed The Matrix and mentioned Locke, Rousseau, Smith, Plato, Aristotle, Nietzsche, Darwin, Lao-Tzu, Marx, Foucault, Plato, and Darwin, among others.

Today On Calendars: National Condom Day, last day of Sexual Violence Awareness Week, Hitler's birthday, anniversary of Columbine, some sort of Holocaust rememberance day, etc.

Air hockey today: Beat Elliot once, beat Jose once and beaten by Jose once, and beat Jeana twice (!)

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