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(1) : Last MC Masala Column Next Week: I've had a column running weekly in several Bay Area newspapers for the past two years, including a year and a half where I lived on the other coast. MC Masala was pretty cool, but due to various mergers and reorganizations, my feature's going away. Last week's column was about farming:

"What kind is this?"
"Just plain Italian flat-leaf parsley."
"No, I mean, what variety is this that it tastes so good?"
"It's that good because it doesn't know it's in your stomach yet!" he replied with a gleeful twinkle in his eye.

and next week's column will be a farewell. Time to get my clips together and start applying/selling elsewhere.


Posted by Nancy at 19 Aug 2007, 12:21PM

Thanks for the MC Masala column! I've enjoyed reading it every week. It was thoughtful and funny and essentially ethical (which really does matter). Best wishes in whatever you do next.

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