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(5) : Cobbles Without Quibbles: I am still on cloud nine from our visit to Boston. Not only did I reconnect with Mel, Mika, Mako, Aaron, and general relaxation. Not only did Julia and Moss spend quality and quantity time with us, and introduce us to the classic hidden-gem Prose restaurant in Arlington, and drive us around. Moss and Julia also conspired with Leonard and two of their area friends to throw a surprise birthday picnic for me in the Boston Common Garden! Either I'm really gullible or they're good at kind deception. I'm definitely lucky to have such kind and sneaky friends.

They also got a few of Leonard's blog friends to come and picnic with us, including the Twittering Kirk Israel (interesting story about his last name) and the handsome and utterly charming Ned Batchelder. OMG squee! Photos to come soon in case you don't believe me. [Update: believe!]

We'd been meaning to visit Boston for years. This was perfect. Thank you all.


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