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: In-Flight Edutainment: Back in New York.

There is (she said, after the third or fifth viewing of Mamma Mia!, all onboard aircraft) some If They Would Just behavior in Mamma Mia!. I think when I'm on land I have the proper critical distance or uncritical adoration of genre conventions in movie musicals, but when I'm above the Atlantic I actually think, if only they would just talk to each other about their secret worries. Newsflash, Sumana.

Easy Virtue went the opposite direction: these people are all speaking their subtexts, I thought, then saw in the end credits that it's based on a play by Noel Coward. Also viewed an ep of the American The Office, which sort of triangulates on obviousness & subtlety in a way I'm too fuzzy-headed to articulate at the moment.

American Airlines's in-flight entertainment offerings do not include The Big Bang Theory, contrary to custom.

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