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(1) : You Can Make A Constellation From Any Set Of Scattered Points Of Light: I should braindump a bit about Melbourne.

However, I should also go to sleep soon enough that I continue winning my precarious fight against jet lag.

So, five minutes' writing:

The Melbourne Aquarium has penguins! Very cute ones! Thanks for taking me to that exhibit, Jed. I got to ask a staffer, "Which way to the penguins?" and I should be saying that far, far more often.

My rough geographical analogy: Sydney is to Melbourne is to Perth as New York City is to San Francisco is to All Texas Cities Combined. (I say this, having never been to Sydney or Perth.)

Phrases that stick in my mind: "Southern Cross," "[a choice between] discomfort or corruption," "I don't discuss my process," "upscale food court," snatches of operatic singing.

The river that spans the southern bit of Melbourne is the Yarra, which sounds substantially like "Yaru?", the Kannada word for "Who?"


Posted by Martin at 25 Sep 2010, 05:49PM

I have four tiny moles on my right forearm that I choose to believe form a depiction of the Southern Cross. Actually, when I look really closely, I see there is even a very faint fifth mole exactly where ε Crux should be. Eerie!

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