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(2) : Geeky Standup Comedy, April 21st in Astoria (And Elsewhen): Sumana doing standup at the Wikimedia Foundation last week Have you ever thought, "I wish Sumana Harihareswara would do some standup comedy about project management, Linux, relationships, Agile, public transit, science fiction, and These Kids Today"?

Here you go. I'm giving a few performances this week and next. Solidly confirmed: I will perform for half an hour on Thursday, April 21st, at 7pm at Seaburn Bookstore, 33-18 Broadway, in Astoria, Queens.

(I know I'm not on the Seaburn events calendar yet. They're a little bookstore and press, a short walk from the N/Q and R/M trains, with a cafe upstairs and a surprisingly big events space downstairs.)

Please come!

Also: I'm seeking a Brooklyn bar for 15-minute workshoppy performances tomorrow night (13 April) and Friday (15 April); I may just hijack Pacific Standard. And if someone in Manhattan or Astoria wants to host me on Friday the 22nd, then that would be awesome.

Update as of 19 April: more performance dates for 20-23 April.

Sumana performing stand-up comedy in Berkeley a decade ago
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Posted by Jordan at 14 Apr 2011, 09:01PM

I love standup and I love Linux, but I'm nowhere near NY. Any chance of uploading a recording? :)

Posted by Sumana at 14 Apr 2011, 09:11PM

I'm doing this standup in NY to practice for my PICC keynote. I hope to upload that.

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