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(3) : What Women Discuss: If you are writing a piece of fiction, and you want to pass the Bechdel test but you don't know what women talk when we talk with other women, you might need some ideas. Here are a few topics I've discussed with other women over the past week. Not an exhaustive list.


Posted by Avram at 30 Sep 2011, 02:19PM

Also: How to rob that casino, repel that alien invasion, slay that dragon, and all the other various things that men generally do in action-adventure stories.

Posted by Avram at 30 Sep 2011, 02:19PM

(Wait, you haven't discussed those things in the past week?)

Posted by Mel at 01 Oct 2011, 12:00AM

Although sometimes we still need to wait for one of the men to rephrase our idea to repel the alien invasion before the posse is inspired to leap into action.

But one of the great things about fiction is that you can write the world as it could or should or might be.

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